According to the Oxford University Press, a figura is a “person or thing representing or symbolizing a fact or ideal.” Likewise, to refer to something as figurative when referencing a work of art (such as figura.nyc itself), means the work “represent[s] forms that are recognizably derived from life.” When used in certain academic circles, the term figural  denotes
 “a form of signification which relies on imagery and association rather than on rational and linguistic concepts.”

So within and around the term figura, we see facts, ideals, forms derived from life, imagery and association and an apparent lack of the rational. figura.nyc is a collection of images representing the human body first and foremost as a fact rather than as an ideal. A tangible and touchable fact. A very beautiful fact.

By predilection of the photographer, the facts in this case are limited to woman, but this is not an idealogical position and the facts might change in the future. By circumstance, the photographer is located in New York City, and the majority of the images have been taken in this city as well.